A #digiwrimo Follow-Up, with your guest host, Valerie Robin

A yo yo yo yo yo go!

My name is Valerie

I watch my calories

I write all day long

Without a salary


No you don't know me

You know my homie

But after digiwrimo

You go'n' owe me


Insert record scratch to stop the most awful 'gangster' rap this planet has ever heard.... or read. the beats pretty much only exist in my head.

And let me correct myself above:

  • After digiwrimo, you will not owe me. Though I may owe Giando for dragging him into my digi-venture.

Below you will find Giando's post on digiwrimo where0n he explains what a crazy digital mess it is he has been dragged into. And yes... it sounds crazy. 50,000 creative words meant to go live at some point or another? Pfffff. It's totally doable. It hasn't even been 24 hours since digiwrimo launched last night at midnight EST and already I've

  • collaborated on a poem hosted on the digiwrimo blog
  • tweeted a bunch using the #digiwrimo (it counts!)
  • facebooked my excitement to the digiwrimo facebook account (that counts too!)
  • brainstormed for an article about text-theory that I will hopefully publish at some point
  • written this post (in the process of)

At the moment I type this word ... I was at 2,047 words for my day. Now, obviously, I am higher. I'm assuming you can count, if you need to know more numbers.

Giando and I have lofty plans for the next few weeks. Not only are we going to continue our normal work loads (his over-fulltime job and my PhD coursework and teaching), we are also going to collaborate on some good old fashioned science fiction inspired by a genre of rap that we two invented: sci-fi middle class rap. It's so nerdy, I am tempted to rename it simply 'wrap.'

Like Bubble

Bubble Wrap

But wait! There's more:

On saturday, the participants of digiwrimo are going to collaborate to write one novel on a google doc. No. Seriously. Check it out.

We will be participating in #digiwrimo conversations about the plot and characters involved in this novel at 6PM EST tomorrow, and by the end of Saturday, I'm hoping Giando will be fully injected into this universe he's been so resisting.

Please hold your thanks until we make it through the month, Giando.

Yo (that rhymes).

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