A small post about something that I'm confused about

As I wait by the phone for prospective employers to call me (I really killed those interviews, even the one where I had no sleep whatsoever), my online journal sits empty and postless. Sure, I could upload the post I have written and ready to go, but if any of the aforementioned employers go looking for me on the interwebs, I don't ever want them to ask themselves, "Do we really want to hire someone who uses the word 'vagina' with such little prejudice?"

That's actually the point of the post but still.

So instead, there's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

I'm sorry I... I just need to know why it exists.

No, I'm not going to insult it. I'm not calling it lesser art, I'm not going to judge it (until I've seen/read it of course), and I don't want to say it's bad or in any way not worth your time. I haven't appraised or assessed its content and don't know enough to judge it on its merits, and thankfully, the only time in my adult life I've ever judged something and called terrible after only having read very little of it, I was right. (It starts with a T, and ends in light).


I just need to know... why.

That's all. Just... how did it come to be? Who looked at the tumultuous period that was our nation's Civil War, and said, "It needs vampires, and Abe Lincoln needs to be killing them."

Is it based on actual history? Did someone see some gaps in Lincoln's past and letters that could be conceivably explained by night-time forays to slay the undead?

And more importantly... does it have steampunk?

Cuz that'll make it worth my while.



Movie Bob just answered all my questions. All I needed to do was wait a day or two. Thanks again, Bob. You are truly a credit to the race of Smart Thoughtful People on the Internet.

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