An Unrequested Update

Far be it from me to make the mistake of thinking that my dark little corner of the internet is being monitored regularly by, well, anyone at all, but in case I happen to be wrong about such things (stranger things have happened), here's what's been going on with the world of Giando.

- Work occupies 10-12 hours of my day, and that's without the numerous setbacks from popped tires and a particularly unreliable bus system.

- There is a new writers' group in my life, which has proven to be enormously helpful with feedback for both past and present projects.

- I'm working on a novella that is starting to look more and more like a novel every day. I won't bother to tell anyone what it is about or what it's like, since announcing such things on the Internet is a great way to ensure that it will never ever see the light of day.

- I've had not one, but two high-profile agents interested in my work, and have been busy getting the novel all revised and updated before shipping it off to them for so it can be free to languish in their inboxes for 8-12 weeks. Eventually, I plan on letting them dual over the privelege to represent me in a particularly grueling caged chess match. The cage is so they won't escape, you see.

- There were several hiccups with the Mister Mercury ebook- it should have been in the iBookstore and other markets by now, but Eat Your Serial is dragging its feet since there have been some bureaucratic issues on their end.

Other than that, I'm fine though. What's up witchoo?

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