And so Thursdays just got awesomer.

And... there we have it. Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth is finally out on Eat Your Serial. I sent a massive email to essentially everyone I know, including:


- The designer of my favorite video game (Metal Arms: Glitch in the System),

- All my theatre chums (from my not-very-long gone acting days),

- The creative VP of that one studio that made that one comic that became that one Daniel Craig movie that isn't out yet,

- The author of a similar novel about Greek gods in modern day (except those gods are in London. Also, I talked with her before), and,

- Myself, just for good measure.


So far, it's been a lot of congratulations and promises to read later, and that's fine! As long as everyone understands I won't stop shamelessly promoting this thing until I break the internet.

And even then, I'd fix it myself and keep at it. How hard can it be to mend an international fiber-optic network? I mean, really.

So check out Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth, every Thursday on Eat Your Serial. As a great man once said,

"It must be Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays."

See you next week!

  • Mocmed
    Comment from: Mocmed
    09/15/11 @ 05:05:45 am

    This is very rewarding. It is worthy to spend time reading a blog like this.

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