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The Only Gift you'll Ever Need to Give

Let's say that- by some fluke of time, circumstance, lack of visits to shopping centers (and thus their ubiquitous festive decorations), and the frantic, high-stress qualities of your day job- that you have managed to completely miss the fact that today is a holiday that is celebrated by one in seven human beings on Earth.

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How Atlanta Stole My #digwrimo Vignette

I don't know if Giando has ever mentioned this, but I live in Atlanta. In Georgia. I've been here for about a year now, and it's much cooler than I thought it was going to be.

When I first told people I was moving here, I was told 2 things:

1. It's really hot there (some of the people that told me this were Phoenicians).

2. You are going to get mugged and axe-raped.

I'll admit I was nervous to make the move. But I'm glad I did. Seriously... there is a festival for EVERYTHING here. Last month, there was a book festival in Decatur. And we have DragonCon, which is pretty much the nerdiest nerd's nerd fest on the planet.

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#digiwrimo My Novel in a Day Vignette

Well the Novel in a Day turned out to be an unqualified success! The goal was 50,000 words, and we ended up with around 42,000. You might not say that's a success, but remember that it contains quite a few pictures, and a picture is worth a thousand of them, isn't it?

Besides, some of those words are MY words, which are about 10 times better than those normally found in the English language.

And here they are! My contribution to #digiwrimo 's Novel in a Day.

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#digiwrimo The DigiWrimo Novel in a Day

So earlier I posted about how insane it is to draft a 50,000 word novel in a month, which is why I disliked NaNoWriMo. #DigiWriMo, as I suggested, is different. How is it different?

Well, we're drafting it in one day, that's how.

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A #digiwrimo Follow-Up, with your guest host, Valerie Robin

A yo yo yo yo yo go!

My name is Valerie

I watch my calories

I write all day long

Without a salary


No you don't know me

You know my homie

But after digiwrimo

You go'n' owe me


Insert record scratch to stop the most awful 'gangster' rap this planet has ever heard.... or read. the beats pretty much only exist in my head.

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#digiwrimo It's Digital Writing Month

November is usually considered National Novel Writing month, when writers the world over (or maybe just the United States over) attempt a very terrible plan: Write a novel! In a month!

As any literary agent worth her or his salt will tell you, the very last thing the publishing industry needs is MORE terribly written manuscrips farted out in a few weeks. I myself slaved over my novel for five years and wouldn't wish that kind of suffering on anybody. So there's an alternative. It's called Digital Writing Month.

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Here is a scene from a movie I'm in

Sorry, internet, but as of this writing I'm still without a computer that weighs less than a compact car and is new enough not to remember the tragedy of George W. Bush. All I've got an old dinosaur of a Dell that processes with all the speed of a hand-cranked butter churner. It can run Word Perfect, but it's such a major pain in the bum that I don't like to use it more than a few times a week. And I'm afraid that I might break it. If THAT happens, my computer count will be down to... zero. I might even be forced to use pen and paper like some kind of savage.

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Please hold: Technical difficulties

So it turns out that one needs a functional computer to write these posts, and thanks to the crappy manufacturing standards of a certain Helwitt Packard computer company, I don't have that. Apparently they design computers that only last about 1-2 years, and I was silly enough to trust mine to last it more than 1.

Well! I won't be making that mistake again. And until I get a new machine I can't write for my website till further notice. I'm sorry, gentle readers.

I'll be back to save the world in no time.

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