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I admit it...

Okay, I admit it. I'm not very good at coming up with blog posts. This is partly because I don't, as a rule, enjoy writing non-fiction, and aside from the manufactured ego problem and the short stories, most of the things I write about in this blog are 100% true. Or at least in the high-90s. So I guess I'll just briefly list a few things that have been on my mind lately.

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Illness has taken me...

... But I applied much girlfriend-affection, sleep, Ibuprofen, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (it's her favorite show), and I am whole again.

I will have another post soon. It will probably be about how I'm better than everyone (totally am).

8 Ball and Ouija Board

If there exists any "fans" of this story... I assure you I am not one of them.





8 Ball and Ouija Board


By Giando Sigurani

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To all the new Reddit folks stumbling upon my story from the interwebs!

On a whim-- Okay, if you count the number of times I submitted it, it was more like two whims-- I decided to submit a link to my latest story on the 'Front Page of the Internet,' What happened next was completely insane.

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Oh wait, I DO have something to write about

As fascinating as I am, it's not always easy to come up with blog posts, even though I am essentially the Picasso of the blogosphere (it's true, Picasso said it himself, in a dream). So sometimes there are long stretches of silence between the inspiring works of clarity and beauty that are my blog posts. How, I ask myself, do I showcase my unprecedented brilliance to the world more often? The world can't afford to have me fade into obscurity. It still needs so much fixing.

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Here's How I Know There Is No God

Because if god were real, that means that he supplied me with an intelligent mind, a desire to do good, the means to make it happen, and a sense of empathy, then stuck me in a world full of people with none of these things.


Fuck that guy.

Some hilarious Greek Mythology Comics

Kate Beaton, historical cartoonist and current fore-runner for "World's Best Person" has made some hilarious Greek mythology relationship comics.


Oh Kate, I'd say that you're the reason the sun comes up in the morning, but I already said that about Rebecca Mayes.

NPR is holding a contest to determine the best scifi/fantasy ever

Not that anyone is reading this (and if you are, goodonya), but NPR, as the title of the post suggests, is holding a contest to determine the best scifi/fantasy ever.

I encourage you all to submit. These are some completely biased and unreasonable guidelines I implore you to follow:


*Douglas Adams must be on there (Do you think Wikipedia would be around if it weren't for the Hitchhiker's Guide?)

*Ray Bradbury is a jerkface, but you should still include him,

*Marie Shelley's Frankenstein is a must,

*In Fantasy, Terry Pratchett's discworld is REQUIRED. Don't know who that is? FUCK YOU.

*Also, Neil Gaiman. He'll fit in either category, but the Sandman or American Gods are probably his objectively best works.


So get out there and comment!

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