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I guess there's a launch party or something...

A guy I know,  hilariously named Tim Allen, owns a local bicycle-themed coffee shop called Kickstand Kafe. It's a pretty cool place, and one of the only places in town with TRULY comfortable couches (and not that oh-so-humiliating "faux comfort" like pretty much anything you buy from IKEA).

Anyway, I walked in on his shop one time after having not been in for something like three months, and the subject of my novel came up, at is is wont to do in any and all conversations with me, and how it's running on Eat Your Serial.

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And so Thursdays just got awesomer.

And... there we have it. Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth is finally out on Eat Your Serial. I sent a massive email to essentially everyone I know, including:


- The designer of my favorite video game (Metal Arms: Glitch in the System),

- All my theatre chums (from my not-very-long gone acting days),

- The creative VP of that one studio that made that one comic that became that one Daniel Craig movie that isn't out yet,

- The author of a similar novel about Greek gods in modern day (except those gods are in London. Also, I talked with her before), and,

- Myself, just for good measure.


So far, it's been a lot of congratulations and promises to read later, and that's fine! As long as everyone understands I won't stop shamelessly promoting this thing until I break the internet.

And even then, I'd fix it myself and keep at it. How hard can it be to mend an international fiber-optic network? I mean, really.

So check out Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth, every Thursday on Eat Your Serial. As a great man once said,

"It must be Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays."

See you next week!


Just ONE MORE DAY until Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth is available to the unwashed masses of the world!

I've spent almost five years writing this... while Eat Your Serial is no Penguin, it's still a press (if you can call a company that uses no paper whatsoever a press) that I'm pretty excited to be part of. They've been working pretty hard to get the site up (even though it still needs those previous/next buttons you see on web comics... but rest assured they're working on that), and you CAN'T argue that it's not a novel idea. (I've spent the day thinking up puns; you must forgive me for that one).

So look for Mister Mercury on Eat Your Serial soon.


Don't forget to check out the Wiki Page, which I've liked above, just a few words ago, and also right here, just in cased you missed it.

TWO more days...

The anticipation is getting out of control...


Two more days until the launch of Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth!  That was the wiki page I just linked there, so check it out if you want to learn about the characters, plot, a spoiler-free synopsis and a certain totally awesome space limousine owned by Aphrodite.


I've spent the day emailing people from my comic-filled past (instead of working on my prompt for my writers' group and reading a short story by one of the members for feedback), including some people in a certain comic publishing company. No, not that one, if that's what you're thinking.


Not that one, either. Think smaller.


No, not that one either! Okay, I'll give you a hint: One of their comics is being made into a movie. Daniel Craig may or may not be wearing a cowboy hat in it.


Yeah, that one.


So anyway, look for Mister Mercury on Eat Your Serial on THURSDAY!

Just THREE more days!

Remember, folks, just THREE MORE DAYS until the launch of Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth on Eat Your Serial!



Want to know more about Mister Mercury, like the characters in it, some important locales and a spoiler-free synopsis? Then you should check out the Wiki Page!

Already Back to Business

Look at that. Just ONE personal post and I'm already back to talking shop.


Anyway, now Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth has its own cover! Check it out! It was a combination of effort from my friend Kent Mudle and myself. Mostly Kent. I just changed the type fonts.



Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth starts NEXT WEEK (Thursday) on Eat Your Serial! Hold on to your pants!
Want to know more about Mister Mercury, including character descriptions, a spoiler-free synopsis, and perhaps, one day, some sketches? Well then perhaps you should check out the Wiki page!

Let us begin another countdown...

I still think the possibility that literally anybody is seeing this is pretty low. But hey, the search engines seem to have found the site, so maybe I'm doing something right. After the next launch, I will start talking about non-publishing things, to hopefully make things interesting.





I don't yet have a cover to show you, but I assure you I've got the best possible dude I could possibly get working on it.


Eat Your Serial has at last sent me a contract, and are simply awaiting my content. I've got the first 20 chapters (about half) of the novel edited. Once their first serial runs out (in about 8 weeks), it's MY turn.


I assure you that it's good stuff. Read that wiki entry I linked above for more info. I suppose I ought to add more wiki content later... but in due time. For some reason, I've got WAY more entries for A Tale of Two Muses, which isn't even HALFWAY done yet.


Anyway, check back later, if you're seeing this. And buy The Mad Scientist, while you're at it. It's only two bucks!

The Mad Scientist is OUT!

The Mad Scientist is OUT!

The Mad Scientist is now UP!


You can buy it from Books To Go Now for only two dollars!


Check it out!

And since I can't RESIST this awesome drawing by my friend Jason Nelson, here's the cover.


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