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Some Personal Writing-Related Appearances

My dark little corner of the internet has become, well, dark. I'm still in there, however, and if you squint, you can even see movement. Most of that movement is from doing research and typing, as I make school report after school report. Some of that m… more »

This is is how badly I need a prompt

I was at a poetry reading recently, when the hostess started handing out pads of papers and markers, telling us to write something, right there, on the spot, to be read right that day. Twenty minutes later this came out. I'm told it's good, but I just t… more »

Things I've Learned Being a Literature Prostitute

There's a mantra I have. When the going gets rough, and life gets me down, I just recite these words of wisdom and encouragement: "People are stupid, and I hate them." Never is this more apparent than when you've become an author and are suddenly sole… more »