Get The Mad Scientist FOR FREE!

You know that post earlier about how people want art but that they hate paying artists?

I was talking about me, of course!

Case in point: The Mad Scientist, a short story that's being distributed by a for real publisher (Books To Go Now) is being given away FOR FREE! You can go and get your DRM-riddled copy RIGHT NOW! And I won't even judge you for it very much.

Okay, it won't be YOURS, because it's Amazon, and you're not buying a BOOK, just a license to read it. You can always use a DRM stripper and Calibre in conjuction to MAKE it yours, though! Go ahead! It's OK!

In fact, 115 somones have already done that! They just waited for that price to drop (to zero) before snatching it up. It just goes to show, people love reading my work... they just don't want to pay me for it.

Click on the cover below, and you, too can be one of those freeloading bastards who would wish me to work for free for the rest of my doomed life.

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