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Mister Mercury: First Pre-Orders

I've been working on Mister Mercury for almost a decade, which is a little excessive for a first novel, assuredly, but I felt it was worth it. It was a good story that needed a LOT of love for it to finally shine through. You see a lot of articles by sm… more »

Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Comeback

I said that there would be news about Mister Mercury, and then my website went dark for months without word of anything because my job dropped the Overtime Hammer on me, and I also lost all will to write due to the publishing situation involved with, we… more »


Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, wouldn't my life be SO AWESOME if there were TWICE as much Mister Mercury in it?" Like this? Well, fret no more, mere mortals! Because now through November, it WILL! That's right! Eat Your Serial will be r… more »

It would be uncouth of me not to inform you that there's a new chapter of Mister Mercury out...

Not merely uncouth, it would be outright inhumane. If I were to withhold such information, I might go to jail for torture. They would pull my toes off with pliers.   Torture is wrong, so they have to answer it with more torture. Makes sense. more »

To all the new Reddit folks stumbling upon my story from the interwebs!

On a whim-- Okay, if you count the number of times I submitted it, it was more like five whims-- I decided to submit a link to my latest story on the 'Front Page of the Internet,' Reddit.com. What happened next was completely insane. In a matter of hou… more »

Oh wait, I DO have something to write about

As fascinating as I am, it's not always easy to come up with blog posts, even though I am essentially the Picasso of the blogosphere (it's true, Picasso said it himself, in a dream). So sometimes there are long stretches of silence between the inspiring… more »

And so Thursdays just got awesomer.

And... there we have it. Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth is finally out on Eat Your Serial. I sent a massive email to essentially everyone I know, including:   - The designer of my favorite video game (it's cool; we talked before) - All my theatr… more »

Just THREE more days!

Remember, folks, just THREE MORE DAYS until the launch of Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth on Eat Your Serial!     Want to know more about Mister Mercury, like the characters in it and a spoiler-free synopsis? Then you should check out the Wik… more »