Here are some monsters

I'm finished with my revision of Mister Mercury, and should hear about its chances in print publishing soon. So now that the thing that I was working on every single day without breaks for three months is done, here's some monsters that I drew for my friend Valerie (who once saved me from my own malfunctioning brain). I know that they were made with the mouse, but boo hoo, I don't have the technology to make it look as pretty as you want it. I'm still working with a netbook here. It's about time you see some of my drawings anyway (besides the one of Supreme Empress Bunny Bitch Ashes). Click on them for full sizes.

Here are some monsters
Here are some monsters
Here are some monsters

You'll be hearing more about things I'm working on soon, but until then these'll have to do ya.

Oh yeah. Dozens of people have now downloaded my short story collection. Wow, none of 'em had two dollars, huh?

Anyway, have some monsters, you cheap mofos.

  • Gesundheit
    Comment from: Gesundheit
    05/19/12 @ 10:04:44 pm

    Quick, now get angry at everyone for refusing to pay to view the monsters.

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