How Atlanta Stole My #digwrimo Vignette

I don't know if Giando has ever mentioned this, but I live in Atlanta. In Georgia. I've been here for about a year now, and it's much cooler than I thought it was going to be.

When I first told people I was moving here, I was told 2 things:

1. It's really hot there (some of the people that told me this were Phoenicians).

2. You are going to get mugged and axe-raped.

I'll admit I was nervous to make the move. But I'm glad I did. Seriously... there is a festival for EVERYTHING here. Last month, there was a book festival in Decatur. And we have DragonCon, which is pretty much the nerdiest nerd's nerd fest on the planet.

Dragon Con header


It's totally worth a trip to Atlanta, just for that. Also, it's not really that hot here. AND I haven't been mugged, or raped, or threatened with a weapon, or even puked on. So far, so good, I'll say.

So yesterday, instead of contributing to the novel in a day activity, or writing my own papers for school, I went to a festival called Stomp and Chomp. It's a chili cookoff. Basically, you buy a spoon for $5 and you eat all the chili you can get to. You do this by going from stand to stand and grabbing up little cups of chili and eating them. People keep their tiny cups all stacked together and talk about how many they got before they stopped eating. I had a boar and venison chili. And a crazy bacon-filled chili. And a chicken soup chili. And one with a craaazy amount of turmeric in it.... it was kind of awesome.

I used my spoon to hold up my hair pretty much the whole time I wasn't shoving it into my face-hole, which was helpful since I often get my hair in my beer. Not yesterday! haHA!

I also met a bunch of really cool people, which lead to more hanging out, and possibly an incident involving a train. The train was not moving. Oh, but I was! And there was also a band, and a slice of broccoli pizza, and some cute vegan boy who I may or may not have told ALL about my Galaga highscores (face in hands). Which is to say I was a little too busy to write my vignette containing Digi the Duck. I was going to. I had the best intentions.

I did outline it though, and I even started it. I even put it in my dropbox for just in case I ended up somewhere with a computer! But midnight came and went and so did daylight savings time - I am no good at this daylight savings time business. It's only my 3rd time, and I'm not really okay with how dark it is right now.

But Giando and I discussed how appropriate it is that I post a "how I shirked my #digiwrimo duties for chili" post, so here it is.

And here I go, back to writing about hypertext theory.

It's been real.

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