I guess there's a launch party or something...

A guy I know,  hilariously named Tim Allen, owns a local bicycle-themed coffee shop called Kickstand Kafe. It's a pretty cool place, and one of the only places in town with TRULY comfortable couches (and not that oh-so-humiliating "faux comfort" like pretty much anything you buy from IKEA).

Anyway, I walked in on his shop one time after having not been in for something like three months, and the subject of my novel came up, at is is wont to do in any and all conversations with me, and how it's running on Eat Your Serial.


Later he called me up and asked if I wanted to do a release party. I didn't really know what to say. "Sure!" I said. Later that week, the assistant manager called me and asked what day I wanted it. I told her to just merge it with some other event.

Then I walk into that same shop later on, and I see this.

So! Apparently, there's an official event and shiz. It has my name on it and everything! You read the poster. Saturday, June 25th at Kickstand kafe.
If you are reading this... be there!
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