I'm not dead, I'm just in Oregon

Few things are more irksome to read than "I'm sorry I haven't posted on my blog" posts on blogs. Luckily for you, I apologize to no one and answer to no man (or woman), as, being the greatest human being since Douglas Adams (the only man I'll admit who's greater than myself), it is the rest of the world who ought to thank me for the attention I give to it, and therefore not my responsibility to apologize for perceived misbehavior of any kind.

In the intervening weeks since I posted my lovely cavalcade of monsters, I have placed the entirety of my worldly possessions into two large, ugly yellow bags, which I then casually tossed into an Amtrak baggage car, and boarded that very same train. The ride was uneventful save a drunken, surly, extremely unpleasant man who was hustled off the train and into a jail cell shortly after my encounter with him. I read a great deal of Harry Potter and paid much too much money for coffee. It was a pleasant experience which I recommend wholeheartedly, except for the lack of sleeping arrangements of any kind. I was sitting next to a man who was on his way to Seattle, who had a well-behaved service dog whom I petted and scratched repeatedly (she wasn't working at the time so it was OK).

Three days after boarding, I finally emerged, blinking, from my train car, only to discover that no blinking was required since the entire state was overcast in very wet-looking rain clouds. I was born in the rain, though, so this didn't bother me.

So that's where I am now. I've been doing a lot of applying for jobs, reading Harry Potter to my girlfriend and generally exploring what it's like to live in a state where there's so much water it actually falls from the sky. I've even got a job interview next week.

Until next time. I've got another thing to give away, which you should hear about soon.


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