Let us begin another countdown...

I still think the possibility that literally anybody is seeing this is pretty low. But hey, the search engines seem to have found the site, so maybe I'm doing something right. After the next launch, I will start talking about non-publishing things, to hopefully make things interesting.





I don't yet have a cover to show you, but I assure you I've got the best possible dude I could possibly get working on it.


Eat Your Serial has at last sent me a contract, and are simply awaiting my content. I've got the first 20 chapters (about half) of the novel edited. Once their first serial runs out (in about 8 weeks), it's MY turn.


I assure you that it's good stuff. Read that wiki entry I linked above for more info. I suppose I ought to add more wiki content later... but in due time. For some reason, I've got WAY more entries for A Tale of Two Muses, which isn't even HALFWAY done yet.


Anyway, check back later, if you're seeing this. And buy The Mad Scientist, while you're at it. It's only two bucks!

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