Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Ebook #digiwrimo

It's still technically Digital Writing Month, so I still get to exploit the #digiwrimo hashtag. Even though this technically isn't part of their fantastic little get-togethers, one of which I recently went to and broke with my unending torrents of cynicism and references to eggbeater mime lobotomies.

A few months ago I had a blog post all written up about the war between two digital bookstore distributors. It went a bit like this: There are two companies, neither of which I like particularly much, who are currently locked in a gigantic legal battle that could determine the future of digital publishing. One company sued the other; the other company sued back; and then the Department of Justice stepped in, and promply sided with the wrong one (the instigator); though in the end, both companies still have business models that weren't exactly going to improve the human condition any time soon. Thus, everybody loses, especially writers.

The end!

I didn't post it for two reason: 1) I ended up working for one of those companies and didn't want to push my lucks, and 2) I decided that I didn't give two rabbit shits about the habits of publishers, since I wasn't published yet and they can all go die.


Hey, didja know that Mister Mercury is now out as an ebook? It's true! I've been working with Eat Your Serial to get it released in downloadable, buyable ebook format. Well, I say "working with," but I mean, "Making a bunch of ebooks for," since I'm the guy that made all of 'em.


Mister Mercury!

Currently, the Amazon Kindle store is the only place where you can get it, but the Eat Your Serial team is working dilligently to remedy that. We tried to upload it into the iBookstore, but it spewed back a bunch of incomprehensible spaghetti language that I have to wade through and fix. Turns out Calibre, which is still one of my most favorite computer programs ever made for any device of any kind, does not produce epubs that can pass Epub Validation. Even though they're totally awesome, and definitely work on iDevices of every stripe (I've tested them myself).

So right now, there's only ONE market where you, yes you, can ignore my work. But we're working on it. Soon, Mister Mercury will be on the iBookstore, where you can ignore it with your ipad or your iphone, or even your mac. Shortly after it'll be on the Kobo bookstore, where you can ignore it with your Kobo Reader, and after that it will be on the Reader Store, where you can ignore it with any number of Sony's nifty Portable Reader System devices, one of which I own and used to do an astonishing amount of beta testing for the Eat Your Serial ebooks.

So stay tuned! Soon you'll be able to ignore and not read or buy Mister Mercury from dozens of digital reading markets.

But in the mean time, GO GET (OR IGNORE) IT HERE!

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