Mister Mercury: The Special Piracy Edition (for pirates)

Let us say that you, like me, have spent a great deal of your life very poor.

Let us also say that you, like me, like to read, because it opens your mind, increases your vocabulary, and just generally is a lot of fun.

And let us also say that you happened upon a book reading device of some kind, perhaps a smartphone, or a tablet, or an $80 Sony Reader you found in your favorite used bookstore in Flagstaff.

Well, friend, I have been there. I understand.

Let us also say that for whatever reason, you wish to read Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth, my eight year Herculean labor about Greek gods, super heroes, and religious satire-- but you do not have four dollars to spend.

However, because of your aforementioned poverty, you are not above downloading the occasional movie, TV show, ebook, or other piece of media. Maybe you've got a list that you keep, of all the things you may have downloaded, and maybe, when you've got a little more money, you will start purchasing those things legitimately to finally contribute to the people who brought you all this entertainment. Or maybe you won't.

My friend, I understand. Like I said, I have been there.

And I have something for you.

Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth does not come out for another three days, but today is special. Today, I announce: The Mister Mercury: Special Piracy Edition (for pirates).

Mister Mercury: Special Piracy Edition (for pirates)

No, seriously.

I want you to read Mister Mercury. Maybe some day I would also like you to give me four dollars for it, but there are people out there who just can't do that. Well, I still want them to read my book. And I have created the means for them to do so.

If you are familiar with using BitTorrent, you can download the torrent here. You can also click on the cover, as there is a link to the file there as well.

Happy reading, friends. See you in three days when the book finally comes out for real.

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