On Writer's Block

I have long since given up making a serious effort to publish with one of those so-called "real" publishers, which is why I've decided to release my stories on the internet for free so recently. I still query on the weekends, but only half-heartedly, and never so much that it cuts into my writin' time.

Nonetheless, some fantastic person out there has compiled a list of "top ten writer's block quotes," and hey hey! I'm on there! My quote from my completely worthless Linkedin page, "Writer's Block is just an excuse by people who don't write for not writing," has somehow made the cut. #9, if you must know. Guess it didn't turn out so worthless, after all.

Well Amanda Patterson, I thank you for your recognition (and for spelling my name right to boot!), but if I could point out one small shortcoming: You seem to have mistaken me for an accomplished person of literature. I see that also on the list are literary masters like Barbara Kingsolver, Terry Pratchett, and Warren Ellis, which are three of my favorite ten human beings. I'm floored by the notion that you have included me on a list with them.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here: in real life I've only sold enough copies of my writing to buy a cup of coffee and some go-gurt. And my novel isn't even in print or anything. And there's only one of them.

In any case, it made my day to see this. Amanda Patterson, I assure you that if ever I see you on the street, I shall tip whichever  hat I happen to be wearing at the time.

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