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The Extremely Slightly Different Mister Mercury Cover

As much as Hermes might be proud of me for doing so, I cannot simply take the money given by my gracious Kickstarter backers and run. I have to, at some point, produce a project. And though my updates on that matter have been scarce, that is exactly wha… more »

The Upcoming Mister Mercury Kickstarter

Ah, summer vacation. When all the things you had been putting off come crashing down upon you in the space of a few short weeks, ensuring that whatever percieved break you may have envisioned was only the product of your sick, stress-starved mind. Durin… more »


Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, wouldn't my life be SO AWESOME if there were TWICE as much Mister Mercury in it?" Like this? Well, fret no more, mere mortals! Because now through November, it WILL! That's right! Eat Your Serial will be r… more »

It would be uncouth of me not to inform you that there's a new chapter of Mister Mercury out...

Not merely uncouth, it would be outright inhumane. If I were to withhold such information, I might go to jail for torture. They would pull my toes off with pliers.   Torture is wrong, so they have to answer it with more torture. Makes sense. more »

Oh wait, I DO have something to write about

As fascinating as I am, it's not always easy to come up with blog posts, even though I am essentially the Picasso of the blogosphere (it's true, Picasso said it himself, in a dream). So sometimes there are long stretches of silence between the inspiring… more »

Things I've Learned Being a Literature Prostitute

There's a mantra I have. When the going gets rough, and life gets me down, I just recite these words of wisdom and encouragement: "People are stupid, and I hate them." Never is this more apparent than when you've become an author and are suddenly sole… more »

And so Thursdays just got awesomer.

And... there we have it. Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth is finally out on Eat Your Serial. I sent a massive email to essentially everyone I know, including:   - The designer of my favorite video game (it's cool; we talked before) - All my theatr… more »

Just THREE more days!

Remember, folks, just THREE MORE DAYS until the launch of Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth on Eat Your Serial!     Want to know more about Mister Mercury, like the characters in it and a spoiler-free synopsis? Then you should check out the Wik… more »