Read and Ebook week at Smashwords

The polite thing to do (and the common thing, in fact), would be to explain my absence from the Internet.

That is an expected behavior that infrequent bloggers such as myself.

To vanish without a trace with no explanation and then come back months later, palms to the air, and say, "Come on guys, life happened."

A paltry excuse is offered; infrequent blog posts resume, only to stop again a few months later. Life, in short, continues.

I will not do that.

Instead I will say that there is this thing called Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords, and Mister Mercury is part of it.

From March 2-8, Mister Mercury is free on Smashwords. You can purchase it (for nothing) here. All you have to do is enter the coupon code "RW100" at checkout and it is yours!

Of course, I could mention that Mister Mercury is always free consididering that I myself have released a special piracy editon for the exact purpose of allowing people to read it for nothing, because I would rather have them read it and not pay than to not read it at all.

But I will not do that. 

That would be silly.

There's a promotion going on after all.

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