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Why I'm (still!) not using Reddit anymore

Many moons ago, I posted a link to my short story, The Devil Still Has My Lawnmower, to the “humor” section of reddit. It was the first link that I posted to the site, and it went off like a rocket. I got thousands of hits overnight and tumultuous, boun… more »

Why I'm not using Reddit anymore

Reddit.com could be one of the greatest tools of the internet. It's accopmlished many great things, from funding a bone marrow transplant for a leukemia victim, to organizing toy drives for bullied kids, to keeping suicide watch. It's good stuff, with s… more »

To all the new Reddit folks stumbling upon my story from the interwebs!

On a whim-- Okay, if you count the number of times I submitted it, it was more like five whims-- I decided to submit a link to my latest story on the 'Front Page of the Internet,' Reddit.com. What happened next was completely insane. In a matter of hou… more »