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The WereWitness

So it was my birthday last week, and I was not feeling quite celebratory the time it came around. It was mostly because I was starting to come down with a case of "the depressions," as the kids call it these days. I've been in a funk these last few mont… more »

The Devil has been Updated

Whelp. Having a website is pretty pointless when you don't actually maintain it. Making promises about what I can get to is probably not a good idea. I will say, though, that the reason that this whole thing exists is mostly to have a spot on the inte… more »

Evangelical Jake

The final part of Sleepless City is coming soon, apologies for the interruption. Instead allow me to discuss a recent real life even that I found interesting.   Evangelical Jake I usually go to the Ava Rostaria in Beaverton, but this time, for the fi… more »