Revisions, revisions

Want to know something weird? When I posted about my Devil Still Has My Lawnmower short story collection, I actually LOST half my traffic! It eventually picked up after a few days, but still, for a while there it kinda seemed like my readers didn't want to be reminded that I'm a writer who occasionally publishes things and wants to sell them to people.

But that's okay! Selling ebooks is not the only reason I started up this website/blog. I've got ambitions. There's lots of things I want to do eventually, but for now I've got to focus. I temporarily suspended my Facebook account because it was obliterating my attention span. One of these days I'll be rid of it permanently, but unfortunately there's people on there that I am completely incapable of communicating with without it. Damn you, Facebook, for being necessary.

I've got to-- and I mean absolutely must-- revise Mister Mercury so that I can send it in to the agency that has been very patiently (but excitedly) reading various versions of it. I'm almost done with that, but my internet distractions were slowing me down to the point where I would spend entire 12 hour stretches of time completing 20 minutes of work. Terrible! My FB account has only been deleted for a day and I've already revised two chapters, no problem.

After that, I've got to format that same Mister Mercury for sale at Eat Your Serial (along with all the other EYS stories as well) into ebooks so they  can sell them. That should take less than an afternoon, so I probably shouldn't have even brought that up.

Then, finally, I've got to move. I'm going Northwest, where both a special lady and opportunity await me. Once I get there, should my situation improve, I'm going to work on Inspecto. I registered the domain for that purpose. There's nothing there now but a quick, mouse-drawn placeholder of the title character looking all serious and staring at the floor while sitting in an easy chair. I just plain lack the technology for it. I need a tablet and a computer that can run Photoshop smoothely; I have neither. That placeholder was drawn with a mouse and transferred to my computer with a digital camera. Totally inefficient. Kent saw the seams right away.

But have no fear! While I'm waiting to get these projects off the ground, I'll be blogging all the way. My attentions were too divided before. I was trying to write AND self promote AND draw AND do outlines AND format ebooks AND write blog posts all at the same time to no avail. My work is still not taking off, I didn't finish any projects (save the short story collection) and even my own website took a hit in traffic. I'm not going to stop with the rampant self-promotion (This is MY website after all), but I need a break from that. I need to finish my revison of Mister Mercury before I do ANYTHING.

So hang tight while I work on my revisions, and you'll be waste-deep in feminism, anecdotes, and incorrugible smugness in no time.

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