Short story tidbits coming soon!

One of my greatest friends in all the land mailed me her megaportable-but-still-quite-formidable eeePC netbook computer recently, and I spent all of last weekend installing a new operating system on it and souping it up with updates and word processing software. It had a hard drive that was so small that it could hardly even shelter a virtual church mouse, much less an entire fully-functional operating system, but I bypassed that little nuisance by popping a camera memory card into its slot and installing the new OS on there (Easy Peasy 1.6 for those interested). Now it runs smoother than your mother after a bath.

My technical genius aside, I've now got something halfway decent to write and make website posts on!

So far I've used it to construct not one but two halfway done short stories. I've had a brilliant plan: between my inarguable analyses of pop culture and societal politics, I plan on posting bits of these stories that I'm creating right here on the website. It's like serial publishing, but even more accessible, since they're not even complete stories and you can probably read them in the time it takes to eat half a sandwich on your lunch break.

Speaking of serials, Eat Your Serial should be releasing an ebook of Mister Mercury within the coming weeks. What's taking them so long? Me, actually, since I'm actually the guy that's making the damn thing.

If you haven't left yet... stay tuned and I shall reward you.

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