Some Disappointing News and the Future of Mister Mercury!

It has been an emotional few weeks, which is unfortunate, because emotions are for chumps and I don't have time to be affected by them with all the writing that still- some way, some how- has to be done.

Here is the absolute largest thing: My novel, Mister Mercury, has been unpublished from Eat Your Serial. I've left the company on amicable terms with my distribution rights safely secured, and will still be involved with them from day to day, including being their official ebook consultant, and publishing short stories with them from time to time. They've been excellent about giving me back my distribution rights, and have even pulled the story from their website, taken it down from Amazon, and have generally been very receptive to my questions and needs. I can take Mister Mercury and do whatever I like with it now.

The past two years have been very exciting, nerve-wracking, and overwhelming, and I can hardly put it into words in a single post, especially considering the massive workload I have ahead of me. I think it's mostly been a positive experience, with a massive, sun-eclipsing caveat that is not by any means their doing.

It is thus:

Now that I have published with Eat Your Serial, Mister Mercury is no longer eligible for traditional print publishing.

The news came a few days ago and it was akin to being punched in the stomach by Mike Tyson in his heyday while being run over by a Mack Truck. When I first went into this, it seems the traditional publishing market, which I had been crossing my fingers and holding hope for, had not yet decided what to do about, or with, digitally published works. Now, it seems, they have come to decision.

They won't publish them.

Unless they've sold thousands and thousands of copies, that is.

Mister Mercury had a few devoted fans and had some very enthusiastic people behind it, but it did not sell thousands of copies. Which is fine. I didn't expect it to... not right away. Perhaps over the course of a few years, but not in the few short months it was available as an ebook. Apparently, that is not good enough for traditioanal publishers (and the agents who work with them), because now, the only way Mister Mercury will ever see the light of day with a publisher's seal of approval is if I sell the absolute snot out of it.

I'm prepared to put the effort into making this happen. But it will not be easy, by any means.

It requires a massive amount of work, which I'm prepared to do. It requires using social media, which I'm (begrudgingly) prepared to use. It requires reading, it requires writing, and most importantly, it requires time which, short of getting a time machine, I genuinely wonder where I will find. But I will get it wherever I can, even if I have to invent the Flux Capacitor myself.

I can no longer query agents, because they will not take previously published works. I can't submit directly to publishers, because most of them require agents, and also won't take previously published works. I wish I had known any of this before submitting to Eat Your Serial, or I would have held off on showing the world my work. But then again... at the time I started this, nobody quite had a straight answer for whether this would happen. The social network is changing things so rapidly that it has become one of those William Gibson singularity things. Too fast, too different, too unpredictable.

It's not been an easy few months for me. But it's not over yet. Mister Mercury will rise again-- if the world will have it.

Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed-- Let's do this thing!

Mister Mercury Cover


  • Gypsy Madden
    Comment from: Gypsy Madden
    04/07/13 @ 02:19:31 pm

    Why is it I’m always a day late and a dollar short? For the record, I didn’t really want to have to read your book while sitting at my computer, so I never bothered with the eatmyserial (sorry) and I hadn’t heard it was on Kindle. Now I see it’s not available on Kindle any more. *grumble* Let me know when it is available again, okay? And I know the feeling of not being able to submit to anywhere, too. I published Hired by a Demon under Fantasy Island Publishing. Soon after I was in print, our publisher caused this huge drama with a former author and said former author was threatening to sue everyone and the whole thing came crashing down around us. It was lovely to say the least. At any rate, Hired is now self-pubbed at Amazon and selling nothing. Seriously, I’m only selling about 1 copy every couple of months. I haven’t seen a single royalty check for it yet.

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