Some Personal Writing-Related Appearances

My dark little corner of the internet has become, well, dark. I'm still in there, however, and if you squint, you can even see movement. Most of that movement is from doing research and typing, as I make school report after school report.

Some of that movement, however? Machinations. Conspiracies. Plots and, dare I say it, plans. 

I am going to be making some personal appearences, each related to my writing, at not one, but three upcoming events.

THE FIRST: The Northwest Book Festival in Portland, OR- July 26th

My writer's group, which I have not attended in a good solid month, has a booth at the Northwest Book Festival. And I am going to be there. What will I be doing there? Why, only shelling out copies of my failed novel, of course!

MMM... failure.

Nothing fills a bookshelf like disappointment.

I jest. It only failed because it couldn't get picked up by major (or minor) publishers, not because it isn't good or anything (just check out the reviews if you don't believe me). The event is on Saturday, July 26th (that's this Saturday, mind), and it will, presumably, be awesome. I've not been to a book festival before but I think you have to wear a football helmet to survive all the self-published books being tossed at publishers who are trying to flee with all their might from anything resembling the written word.

THE SECOND: Book Signing @ Graham's Books in Lake Oswego, OR- July 31st

Graham's Books, a store that carries my book, is doing the Art Walk in Lake Oswego, Oregon. They wanted me to be there for a signing during this Art Walk on July 31st, and I said sure. Here's a map. It starts at 4:00 PM I think and ends... whenever the Art Walk ends. 6:00 P.M., maybe? Or maybe it's when the spark of humanity dies. Another chance to get a paper copy of Mister Mercury if you've not gotten one already (and if you actually want one, of course).

THE THIRD: PDX SynesthesiA in Portland, OR - August 18th

Here's the interesting one: PDX SynesthesiA, an event in Portland that has the lofty goal of bringing artists, philosophers, writers and musicians of all stripes to get together and do artsy things in front of people. I will be reading my short story, The Chicken Nugget of Peace (from my short story collection The Devil Still Has My Lawnmower), with background music and spacey sound effects. I'm going to do my best to make it resemble my most favorite thing in the Universe (besides Life and Everything): The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio show.

A more contemporary comparison for those kiddies who aren't familiar with the radio series is probably Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast series which takes so many leaves from the H2G2 radio show's book, it is now considered combustible material in some states and cannot be hauled as cargo.

The event is in a questionable quantum-like state, which is to say, it's definitely going to happen, but only if it's observed by someone. For more information, you could check out the Kickstarter Page, which features the most unashamedly Portland-Tastic video I've ever seen: A woman holding up signs while a train goes by behind her. I'm excited about the event.



And now I must bid you adieu, as I've already robbed about 4 hours of work from my essay just by writing this blog post. See you in a few months, probably.

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