Someone I don't even know has written a review for Mister Mercury

'Member that "book" thing that I wrote?

Well somebody has read the whole thing! They've even written a review for it! Okay, so they're doing it for the very publisher that put the thing out at the first place, but I'll be damned if that's some kind of conflict of interest. I don't even know this girl.

The review is short, but to the point. It's also extremely reticent to give away what I think is a pretty crucial hook. Here, lemme quote what the reviewer, Katie Sperduti, has written about it:

"After speaking with banished Titan Prometheus, Hermes learns that his life, and the lives of the gods, are about to change forever. “Tomorrow you and the rest of the gods will meet a woman, a mortal, and her child will change the whole world.” A vague and scary prophecy that Hermes decides to shake off.
After a long night of drinking at a feast, Hermes discovers that the grim
prophecy has come true, and it is up to him to look over the mortal that is involved. Yes, I realize I’m being very vague, but once I give away the mortal’s name, it pretty much spoils it."

That's no fun! Well, that's fine. Katie Sperduti doesn't want to spoil my novel. Luckily, I can, because I wrote the damn thing. This mysterious child who will change the world?

It's this guy.

Thanks for reading, Katie.

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