The Mister Mercury website has arrived.

The months of silence have come to an end. My classes lay slain before me. I no longer need to cower from the limitless distractions of the internet and hide beneath mountains of schoolbooks. 

I have returned, friends. You are aimless no more.

The eve of Mister Mercury is upon us, and I have something to show for it. I have built a website for it, separate from this one. It is located at I have more information about the impending release, which is on January 15th, 2014.  To break it down, I have  asked hypothetical questions that you may or may not wish to ask and have immediately answered them, because I am courteous like that. Some of these questions, however, are questions that have actually been asked, so it is not completely facetious. 

It has been a long hard road for this book, close to ten years in fact. It has received mountains of feedback and endured countless revisions, all for its betterment, and I cannot thank those who have helped me enough.

When is the new release date?

 January 15th, 2014. That is nearly a month from now!

Will there be a print version?

Yes, but details are a little fuzzy. However, if you want to be the first to know about when the print version will become available, you can sign up for the mailing list.

How can I join the mailing list?

You can just tell me right now that you want to be on it with a comment or a direct message, and I will add you myself. You can also head over to and type in your email to the field on the left. It is that simple!

Is there a dedicated website for it, instead of just some section on your blog or an Amazon page?

Why yes, there is! You can go to, which I have constructed for this very purpose! There are other neat things as well, like a full description and a page for downloading samples!

Is there a new cover? Is it sweet?

 Yes, there is a new cover, and yes it is indeed sweet. Special thanks to AlexPelayre for the excellent work that is thus:
 Mister Mercury Cover

Which ebook markets will have it available?

Basically all of them. Amazon, Ibooks, Kobo, Sony, Google, the works. If you have reading device, or a tablet or a smartphone, you can surely get Mister Mercury on there.

Can I download a sample?

Why yes you can, and in fact there is even a special Sample Page on the Mister Mercury website. If you need help getting it on the device, there are instructions there too!

How can I pre-order?

As Mister Mercury lands on various markets over the next few weeks (ibooks, Barns and Noble, etc), it will become available for pre-order. If you would like to be informed as it becomes available, well, there is a list for that. A list for mail, in fact. Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow pre-orders, so you will have to wait day-of for the Kindle version.

Will it rock the socks?

If by the end of 2014 there exists a single sock that has not been rocked, then we will know for certain that the universe that we share, occupy, and generally suffer within is the objectively incorrect one.

So there you have it. Now you know what I have been doing in my months-long absence. Go forth and change the world, friends! And let us make 2014 the Year of Mister Mercury.

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