The Upcoming Mister Mercury Kickstarter

Ah, summer vacation. When all the things you had been putting off come crashing down upon you in the space of a few short weeks, ensuring that whatever percieved break you may have envisioned was only the product of your sick, stress-starved mind.

During my summer vacation, which is over in a week's time, I made a Kickstarter for a new edition of Mister Mercury. The kickstarter will also go up in a week's time. But why did I make a Kickstarter for a book that's already out?

Well, throughout the year, since it came out in print, I have been trying to get it into book stores. The Lulu version might look great, and read very well, but it's incredibly expensive and Lulu doesn't offer a discount to book stores. So when I try to go into local book shops (which, in Portland, are about as common as fleas, because they like local EVERYTHING in Oregon), the answers they give me range from "Thanks, but no thanks," and "No way in Hell, and not in Heaven either, where there is no money and the roads are paved with gold."

So I'm Kickstarting a newer, cheaper version.

It's called Mister Mercury: The Special Library Edition (For Libraries).

There's a banner and everything.

The goal is very modest: only $350. That's because, well, the book is already done. The only thing I would need the money for is buying a new ISBN (one of my very own, instead of the one given to me by Lulu), and  for IngramSpark's set up fee. But after that, the book will be RIDICULOUSLY more affordable and RIDICULOUSLY more appealing to local book stores. Because right now, they see that $17 price tag and measly 15% discount, and they get that look in their eyes like I'm their weird relative that has done something embarassing, and they're really sorry about it, he doesn't really mean it, not really.

But that can change! I have a Kickstarter page and a video explaining my project, which includes an animation discussing my predicament with Lulu. 

It's perfectly objective.

So go check out the new Kickstarter page for Mister Mercury: The Special Library Edition (For Libraries), and help me get this book out there so I can finally, finally put it behind me.

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