Under Pressure

Wow. So this is what it feels like to actually have writing obligations.

I've been dealing with a very nice lady named Amy, who's the acquisitions director for Linn Prentis Literary. Linn Prentis is one of the heavy hitters in the publishing world. When she picks something up, it gets published, end of story.

And I've been keeping her waiting.

I am not without my reasons. The first time she gave me a partial manuscript request, I was acting in a play that was eating up enormous amounts of my time despite the fact that it was a bit role that most people forgot I was in (including the audience).

Now, she's just asked for the full manuscript, and it seems that, just now, I'm noticing that my novel's got some problems. Okay, so my friend Valerie Robin might've helped.

It's old writing. Probably my oldest "presentable" work. I've got writing that's four years old mixed in with writing that's two months old. And my four-year-younger self doesn't agree heavily with my two-month-younger self.

It will still be good once I spiff it up and polish it. Heck, The Mad Scientist, the short story I got published recently, is not much younger than Mister Mercury. But it's also not nearly as long.

And then there's Eat Your Serial.

They've graced me with their good words. They are willing to run my novel. I thought I'd be running, oh, fifth, sixth, in the lineup. That'll get me some time to hammer out a decent draft for them, right?

Nope. Second.

At least that's what I'm told is possible. Not sure if I'm allowed to reveal that information to anyone, but any news is good news for a dot-com startup.

Lastly, it  doesn't help that my All Time Favorite Author, Whose Work has Influenced Me Tremendously More Than Any Other Human Being Ever to Grace the Earth with Their Presence, is Douglas Adams.

A Douglas Adams noteable quote:

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

That should reassure everyone!

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