We need to come up with some better buzzwords for this Occupy Wall Street thing

Allow me to compliment the Republicans once, and only once, and hopefully that will be the only time I ever will roll a positive word their way, forever and always (or at least for the foreseeable future).

They are damn good at coming up with buzzwords.

They know how to verbally grab the knickers of thousands of their constituents at once and, in a single twisting motion, get them in a collective and uncomfortable bunch.

You know the ones. Death tax, Class warfare, Obamacare and others. They've taken words like "liberal" and "choice" and turned them into curse words.

So far Occupy Wall Street has... made the word "Occupy" meaningless, I guess. There's also the whole 99% and 1% thing, which are numbers and NUMBERS HURT MY HEAD-BRAIN. Not much progress.

I know what we should focus on, and that's corporate whining. When bankers whined that they were too important to regulate, everyone listened, and then the bankers had our houses and pensions and mortgages for lunch. Then bankers whined, as the economy plummeted to near-apocalypse stagnation, that they needed a hefty influx of cash to keep the economy going. Then, after we caved and gave them their cash, they whined that they didn't need to give any of it back or pay taxes because they somehow earned their heaping piles of whine money.

I was reading a column by some New York Times columnist, and he suggested we call the ruling class the "kvetchocracy". No. That sounds about as catchy as, and phonetically similar to, choking on an olive.

Perhaps whine-ocracy? No? The Crying Class? Closer, but not quite. I think it's up to you guys: the collective think-tank of the internet.

Oh, don't ask me to do it, I'm a fiction writer. I tell lies for a living.

Hm. Perhaps I should get into politics.

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