#digiwrimo My Novel in a Day Vignette

Well the Novel in a Day turned out to be an unqualified success! The goal was 50,000 words, and we ended up with around 42,000. You might not say that's a success, but remember that it contains quite a few pictures, and a picture is worth a thousand of them, isn't it?

Besides, some of those words are MY words, which are about 10 times better than those normally found in the English language.

And here they are! My contribution to #digiwrimo 's Novel in a Day.

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#digiwrimo The DigiWrimo Novel in a Day

So earlier I posted about how insane it is to draft a 50,000 word novel in a month, which is why I disliked NaNoWriMo. #DigiWriMo, as I suggested, is different. How is it different?

Well, we're drafting it in one day, that's how.

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A #digiwrimo Follow-Up, with your guest host, Valerie Robin

A yo yo yo yo yo go!

My name is Valerie

I watch my calories

I write all day long

Without a salary


No you don't know me

You know my homie

But after digiwrimo

You go'n' owe me


Insert record scratch to stop the most awful 'gangster' rap this planet has ever heard.... or read. the beats pretty much only exist in my head.

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#digiwrimo It's Digital Writing Month

November is usually considered National Novel Writing month, when writers the world over (or maybe just the United States over) attempt a very terrible plan: Write a novel! In a month!

As any literary agent worth her or his salt will tell you, the very last thing the publishing industry needs is MORE terribly written manuscrips farted out in a few weeks. I myself slaved over my novel for five years and wouldn't wish that kind of suffering on anybody. So there's an alternative. It's called Digital Writing Month.

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Mitt Romney and the Uncanny Valley: Almost Human, But Not Quite

I don't like discussing politics, because I'm thinking about the long term, and politics- even the politics of an election for the leader of the world's richest nation- are still going to end up as a mere footnote in the history books. As the Jesus of atheism, my genius is simply too valuable to waste on on politics, however large and important they may seem. I like to think about the big picture.


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Evangelical Jake

The final part of Sleepless City is coming soon, apologies for the interruption. Instead allow me to discuss a recent real life even that I found interesting.


Evangelical Jake

I usually go to the Ava Rostaria in Beaverton, but this time, for the first time, I went to the Tigard location while waiting for my friends to meet me for a movie. The moment that I sat down, I heard a heated altercation directly behind me between exactly the sort of elitist entitled douchebag you picture when you hear the phrase 'elitist entitled douchebag,' and a couple beanie-wearing kids my age who were having a smoke.

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On Writer's Block

I have long since given up making a serious effort to publish with one of those so-called "real" publishers, which is why I've decided to release my stories on the internet for free so recently. I still query on the weekends, but only half-heartedly, and never so much that it cuts into my writin' time.

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Short story tidbits coming soon!

One of my greatest friends in all the land mailed me her megaportable-but-still-quite-formidable eeePC netbook computer recently, and I spent all of last weekend installing a new operating system on it and souping it up with updates and word processing software. It had a hard drive that was so small that it could hardly even shelter a virtual church mouse, much less an entire fully-functional operating system, but I bypassed that little nuisance by popping a camera memory card into its slot and installing the new OS on there (Easy Peasy 1.6 for those interested). Now it runs smoother than your mother after a bath.

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